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              How it Works Lease to Assume Mortgage works

Give Adriane Terrell your stress of securing a Lease with rights to purchase on your behalf

Adriane does not stop working until you find a place to live. 

Step 1: Apply and Get Approved.

You simply provide proof that you bring home at least $3600 a month.

You have a mid-credit score of 580 or more.

Step 2: Find a Home.

After being qualified, based on your financial profile, the investor will notify you of your "rental/purchase power" by providing you with the maximum monthly rent for which you are qualified. This will determine the value of the home you are able to rent and potentially buy through this Program.

Step 3: Get your home approved, sign a lease and a Right to Assume the Mortgage agreement.

The investor will provide you with a copy of the Lease and the Right to Assume the Mortgage Agreement, Your rent each year only adjusts to the property taxes either up or DOWN just like with a regular Mortgage. 

Step 4: Investor Buys the Home; You move in.

We will help the investor purchase the property. Home requirements can be within 10 years to a BRAND NEW HOME (within certain parameters). you, as the resident will sign a one year lease that is renewable and carries a Right to Assume Mortgage the home at any time during your lease. There is no obligation to purchase and no penalty if you do not purchase the home.

Step 5: You Buy the Home (Optional)

The Resident may exercise the Right to Purchase at any time during their residency for the appropriate predetermined price with 60 days' notice. If the resident does not purchase the home at the end of the lease, they would receive their security deposit back (if eligible).