​​​​How does lease  work?

This is an innovative new option that helps renters transition to homeownership. Unlike a normal lease:

You get to choose from any home for sale on the market
You have the exclusive right to buy the home at any time
helps you build up a down payment!

These are the main requirements of approval process:

Applicants must be currently employed
Applicants must have been employed for the past 12 months (multiple jobs are fine)
Average income $60,000 a year
Applicant can comfortably afford their Divvy monthly payment
 Experian Fico 2 Credit score of at least 550
If applicants have declared bankruptcy, their bankruptcy has been discharged over 12 months ago
Have at least $5000 saved up and ready to go for a down payment

To see if you qualify, fill out our quick pre-qualification form. If you have questions about your application result, please email Adrianetherealtormom@gmail.com

How do I apply?

The underwriting process is very fast. It has 5 simple steps:

Fill out our pre-qualification form. This allows us to estimate your budget.
Upload a photo or scan of your photo identification.
Upload 2017 Tax return, W2, or 1099 for Proof of Income.
Use the bank connect tool to send us your most recent bank statements for Proof of Funds.
Authorize a credit check.

You will have response within 3 business days at most, and usually within 24 hours.

How do you decide my home budget?

 Pre-qualification  for a home budget based on 2 criteria:

Can you afford a minimum 2% down payment?
Can you comfortably afford the monthly payments?

If you’d like a larger home budget, you can let them know you are able to make a larger down payment, or that you have additional documented income. Your home budget, and  payments, will not vary by credit score or other factors. 

How long does this all take?

Our approval process is extremely fast. Once you’re done submitting our required documents, we can pre-approve you the very next day!

Closing on a home, once you’ve made a choice, takes between 1-5 weeks, again often depending on your preferences, as well as those of the seller.

Overall, we recommend you apply within 2-3 months before you plan to move. This gives you time to address any issues that come up during the approval process, just in case. But if you’re moving soon, don’t worry – they can move as fast as you can!

How long are approvals valid for?

Approval letters are valid for 3 months, though we reserve the right to ask you to re-submit select documentation. So if you’re not sure when you’d like to move, go ahead and apply today!

Here’s how our process works:

Get fully approved by following the steps here.

Shop with the help me the first Agent in DFW to register with the company. Choose a home currently for sale in your area!
Make a 2% or greater Divvy down payment.
Lease for up to 3 years, building equity credits every month as you do.
Buy the home back! They provide up to a 10% down payment with no additional costs or money down from you.

Don’t worry if this seems daunting: we’re here every step of the way. We can get you into your home in just a few weeks!

How are my monthly payments determined ?

Your monthly payment will have 3 components:

Rent (about 70% of your monthly payment)
Equity credits (about 25% of your monthly payment)
Maintenance funds (about 5% of your monthly payment)

The rent component works just like a normal lease.  Rent prices according to each neighborhood’s typical rent costs, depending on home location, size, etc.

Equity credits are your future home savings. They convert into a down payment if you buy the home, or a cash out option if you don’t.

The maintenance fund is the smallest component of the monthly payment and is reserved for repairs to critical home systems, such as heating and cooling, roofs, plumbing, etc. to ensure your home remains in tip-top condition. For maintenance assistance, you can submit a request through your customer portal.

What are equity credits and how do they work?

You can think of equity credits like your home savings account.

Every  customer starts out with at least 2% equity credits, and builds to 10% equity credits over their 3 year lease.

You can convert equity credits into a down payment at any time. If you’ve built 4% equity credits, that means you have a 4% down payment.

If you choose not to buy the home and your 3 year lease ends, The home will be sold. We’ll cash out your equity credits and share 8.5% of the home’s final sale value (we need to deduct 1.5% to cover selling costs).

Do I pay for taxes, insurance, etc.?

No,they pay for all taxes, homeowners’ insurance, etc. You’ll start paying these costs when you buy the home back!

What if I need to leave during the 3 year lease?

You can end your  lease by buying the home at any point. If you do not buy the home, you are obligated to lease your home for the full 3 years. If you stop making payments, it will consider your lease broken, and can only refund 50% of the total dollars of equity credits.

Who is responsible for home maintenance?

As the home’s future owner, you’ll be responsible for taking good care of this house. You won’t have a typical landlord. Only homes that are approved are in good condition without any serious maintenance issues, so you won’t be expected to undertake any major projects.

Am I allowed to fix-up or alter the home?

You’re free to undertake minor home improvement projects at your own expense (i.e. repainting, new carpets, changing the landscaping, etc.). For routine maintenance issues you can also use your Divvy maintenance funds that are saved up every month!

The most important part is here.. When you fill out this form you'll be hyperlinked to the website to do the application. It is important that you complete the pre-qual at that time so that you stay connected with Adriane Terrell. If you go back directly to the website and then do the form you'll no longer be connected.