Apps and websites reproduce the same stale listings, Adriane Terrell gives you real advice as a DFW neighborhood expert.

 Let  Adriane give you solid guidance since she is a true DFW neighborhood experts.

Adriane has lived in the DFW for 10 years and as Residential Realtor she has some inside knowledge of the various neighborhoods.
She Simplifies The Apartment Search

One of the most frequent comments she hears from her new clients is they are overwhelmed by the apartment listings and rental ads on the web. Most rental websites simply duplicate apartment information repeatedly. In addition, most websites do not perform quality control, so the search results are not reliable.

We prepare our clients to watch out for “bait ads” that are posted online and are solely designed by rental agencies to solicit your business. The prices are lowered intentionally to bait you into calling or inquiring so they can then offer their sub-standard services to you.

So with that when you find a community you are interested in give Adriane the Community Reference number and she'll give you the exact updated information that you need.

She does a lot of work for you at no cost to you.

The way she gets paid is that you place Adriane Terrell of Mike Mazyck Realty on your guest card and application. The apartment community pays her a "locating fee" This is not added to your rent.. it comes out of their monthly 'marketing' dollars.