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Adriane Terrell of Mike Mazyck Realty offers her expertise in the Lease with Rights to Purchase homes and Apartment searches to better help you find your next home in the State of Texas. Don't waste time browsing hundreds of websites looking for your next rental. Let Adriane Terrell find the best fit for you and your family. You will be able to Lease with the Rights to Purchase (rent to own) any home that is currently on the market for sale through 2 different available programs. You can also do a free comprehensive Apartment Search for your next Apartment community. Everything is available to you on this one website.

Adriane is one of a handful of DFW that offers two lease to purchase programs along with Apartment Locating Services.

Too get a comprehensive overview of each programs.

The first one is a Lease to Purchase Program where the benefit is that the rental rate is the average market rate so it is less then the Lease to Assume the FHA Mortgage program.

The second one however, while you are leasing for a higher rental rate you are locked into a FHA Assumable Mortgage interest rate and when you Assume the Mortgage that interest rate does not change. And you are assuming the mortgage for the REMAINING years of the mortgage.

Texas Rental Solutions is also the only site that not only offers both of these programs but also allows you to do a comprehensive at your pace apartment search.

Texas Rental Solutions is truly your one stop shop for all of your housing needs.